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Ellie Warner

Watching the world go by from my window; I wish I could exist out there.

I am the only blue person in a crowd of orange people.

They may laugh and look down at me for what I lack,
But I'm too focused on the beautiful music to care.

From the Darkness

Bitter sick confined
Lashing out and spitting blood
I have fire for headspace
A mental rash induced by you
The sound of you
The sight of you
Just you
You over me

This thing kept inside flesh walls
Trapped by myself just for you
Taking the pain
Because you don't even know
So I'm left here to bear the blood stains
Hidden behind a cracked smile
Tears fallen behind backs
And bones splintered to be polite
All for you
Just you
You over me

This head cannot contain anymore
Violence for the pure strewn out
Like the remains of a hunt
Feeling sick through my eyes
To nothing we know

Nothing we know
Something I should know
But the truth burns my hands


Ellie is at College doing a degree in Fine Art, and she has been writing for many years. Depression runs in her family. She contributed the postcard to promote the project to writers (below).