Poetry and Performance Group, Brighton

Beliefs, Confessions, Needs, Decisions

I believe
Space-time travel really is possible
Self-expression is the way forward
The arts are very important
The government is mentally ill
Animals need love and respect
I believe in lots of sleep, In friendship
In Egyptian Deities
In thinking creatively
That mainstream media is dangerous and bad
I believe that PUNK'S NOT DEAD!

I confess
I have OCD and it's killing me,
I'm slowly tidying myself into an early grave,
And a caring boyfriend who is desperate
to save me from this dreadful sin
And In my tireless effort to keep things clean
Oops! I've put him in the rubbish bin

I confess
To upsetting an old lady in a sweet shop
"What's your name? Where do you live?
What's your name? Where do you live?
Where the bloody hell do you live??"

I need you
Like a flower needs the sun,
Like a currant needs the bun,
Like children need their mum
And like a bully needs a chum

I need you
Like a mouse needs Macavity
Like a building needs gravity
Like a whorehouse needs depravity
Like a dentist needs a cavity

I need you
Like a ball needs a bat oh yes
Like a diet needs fat for sure

I need you
Like a hotdog needs a sausage
Like a sausage needs beans
Like beans need greens
Like the Greens need more votes
Like MPs need less houses, cars, boats,
swimming pools and moats

I will decide to listen to other people close to me
And let them make decisions about my destiny
But only if they're right

I will eat more healthily, watch less rubbish TV
Write more poetry, stand up to give more seats
to the elderly
Write my autobiography, see more people socially,
Study some philosophy, go swimming and cycling regularly,
Go to the Library to borrow Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

I've decided not to let the sea carry me away
That my dreams will become reality
I've decided to behave like royalty for a day,
To be me,
And not to annoy old ladies in sweet shops again.


John Hegley developed this song in a workshop and accompanied it on the mandolin. As the audience entered after the interval and there was some movement behind him, John commented: 'Do feel free to run about.'
He then began the song with, in order, Yassin Zelestine, Toni Obee, Mary O'Dwyer, Neal Pearce, Moray Sanders, Tamsin Williams, Susi Oddball, Jonathan Myers and Mary O'Dwyer again.