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Fiona B

Andalusia de mi Alma

In the distance a solitary donkey begins to bray
On a warm summer breeze at the close of day
No more need to hide from the sun’s rays
All the animals now cooled off begin to play
Appearing from all corners, siesta over for another day.

The valley of El Colmenar wakens once again, no longer inert,
A new lease of energy and life begins to burst
Evening scented tobacco plants heady and sweet
Dance for me in the light June breeze
Filling the air, awakening memories
Their vivid pink, white, yellow, blue and green
Conjuring an image, ribbons on a tambourine.

The silence is broken, through the gnarled cork trees
Feral dogs barking from neighbouring vicinities
Then the crickets begin their final song
Playing out their rhythm, until it’s dawn.


‘Life’s ups and downs affect everyone at some time or another. Having the support of people who care is vital, as is having an outlet for expression. Being part of Jon’s workshop at the Corner House at a time when deciding to break from the bubble I have surrounded myself in (isolating at home through lack of esteem and anxiety) and my yearning to return to my beloved Andalusia where I grew up, the workshop couldn’t have come at a better time. Reading my poem now I realise not all has been lost, life is beautiful if not still a little bit scary and my memories remained as vivid as ever.’”