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Zoe Lakshmi


Curled up in bed with the covers of my mind
Tracing the shape that you left behind
On my pillow your scent
I smile and I melt
Lying, once more, in the place where we cried
Butterflies abound, remembering your caress
The look in your eye when you saw me undress
Naked, entwined, I hope and I pray
At the brink of this dawn, you'll awake and stay

Fresh coffee for breakfast with a chilli chocolate twist
Blissful connection, sealed with a kiss
Passion fruit, Peach
A sundae feast
Starting to let go of the things we missed
Peeling back the layers, pared to the soul
In dulcet tones, our stories told
Naked, entwined, listening to Ray
Till The Sun Turns Black, it's a beautiful day


'From the depths of despair to the heady heights of elation, the one constant in my life is always music. Music resonates with my soul... helps me to understand the transient butterflies of my emotions... and teaches me to live with love in the moment.'