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Kathy Powell

I’m An Angel

Clad in pyjamas with buttons and blue bears
I push my trolley past everyone’s stares
And fall over in the graveyard mud.
Ah! Costa Coffee and gingerbread
Just what I need to clear my head
Hurry up and make it hissing steaming hot
People staring at me as I undo the top
Latte in one hand fag in the other
I just think “stick it” because I’m an angel.

On top of the world I’m in full swing
No money for a refill so off I go
Pushing my trolley into the road Oh no!
Calamity, cars in both directions
What’s the problem because I’m an angel.

Horns resounding, bloody noise
Who do they think they are
Yelling screaming “Get the Old Bill”
People staring I just stand still
Why should I care, because I’m an angel.


Kathy wrote this during our workshop with the Hearing Voices Group in Eastbourne. The group agreed this was one of the best descriptions of mental illness that we encountered.