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What’s going on? My mind just won’t stop...
Like the second hand on my grandfather’s clock
Always in motion, never standing still
It’s sometimes such a struggle, like a great fuck off hill

Even at night, my mind stays in flight
Although on occasion it’s such a delight!
Never sitting still, never at ease
Oh, what a fucker, I’ve got this dreadful disease.


A pebble and a well – therapy

Oh, it’s sinking
I’m sorry –
There is nothing to show

Memories are returning
and something –
is occurring

Bright white light
shone into –
a deep dark well

A chasm is created –
just for a second

from –
another age

Then silence –
Swallowed back
to where they belong.



‘Well, I’m here, I’ve turned up and I’m on the page, and I even had a stint on stage – which was an amazing experience - especially considering how I so struggle with ‘me’.’