Jacqueline Aris

With this list
I will not lay down.
Put your penus
Muzzel your face
like ours can you?
Tear your hearts out
like you done to us.
Fuck fat face neck
whispering on a windowsil
You not there
put your prescription away
get your balls
out of my window box.
Sitting up late talking to
Rocking back and forth
Going Mad
Scatches on my face.
Just fell off
my perch
I did it to myself

Have a cup of tea
Give birth to a boy
Smoke a joint
Get a leg amputated
Get a good friend
Got a good person
Get some morals
Stop making trouble
Stop making troubles in our heads
we are lost ...
Arms and body in involuntary shakes
legs shake
we are in body spasums
convulsing confusion vomiting
Legs amputated now
gone senseless
Nothing polished

Out get Out
scarred to the
your making our children
scarred to the bone
couldn't stop the
Lies had to be out
tell the truth
but for so much longer we
put up with your lies...
Is this everything
now can it stop
can't believe

Can't believe how twisted the lies become
Put my head in the gun
open my mouth
and just another scream gets
No one crying in this one, eyesareburning
No crying
Car goes past
Spit on the world

Put the fucking lies out there
close the door
don't push for more
Vodka says drink me
tearing my skin as it climes
inside of me penetrating
my head slowing down
all body movements.
Just refuse to lie down.
Captain stole my anchor.
Time to turn over
Time to get out of our heads
Have you got strong enough drugs for this..
Drugs too expose your nerves

Babies coming out everywhere
another babies coming out
Can't control any of it
someones dead
millions are dying
World mutilation
someones dad
more drugs
express train
chemicals in the water
society dying tersing
down the walls
All our brains
can't sort out this fucking mess
Sugerhearts and souls
Oceans oil tankers
babies being born without eyes
babies on smak
slug trails and phone bugging
Art and so much suffering
Take more drugs
all filed in the same cabinet
Sexy blue lights
and beautiful blue women
in Amsterdam windows
take their clothes off their naked backs,
is there something missing from this list.........


The last poem about my son shows a more softer pace of life.

My Baby boy

Watched you drumming
Watched you breathing
Tiny little hands

Guitars in our beds
Drums in our hearts
Tears for the innocence
Your long and tall
my little man
Love is a word
that dosn't
how i love
your excellance.



'It is my compulsion to write, it is as natural as vomiting. I have been writing for 40 years and performing for 25. I was very angry with the world and this is my train journey through life. Thank you for letting me ride on your train...'.