Francesca Creffield

This is who I am...

I am the blossom on the tree, the fish in the sea,
the rain as it splashes down, soaking me.
I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a nurse
the woman on the bus who can't find her purse.

I am a child that cries deep into the night
the angry youth in search of a fight.
I am the light and the dark, the night and the day
the homesick traveller who can't find her way.

I am a pomegranate.

I am a channel of peace, the perpetrator of war.
a citizen, a woman, a human being, a lore.
I am everything, and nothing more.

I am a witch and a bitch, a fairy princess
I am the gentle caress of a kiss on your neck.
I am the laughter, I am a sigh,
often I wonder, who am I?

I am Pandora with a dangerous box.

I am the daughter of an artist
the sister of many
the mother of three
often without a penny.

I am the product of my environment,
the result of my upbringing,
a mad woman in the rain
who keeps on singing.
I am a child, a foetus, an embryo, a cell
the deepest darkest bottom of a well.
I am evolution and nature at work
I am the part of your mind where fears lurk.


I am not the light, nor the dark,
The ying or the yang,
The Jekyll or Hyde
Nor the crash or the bang
But I am


This is where my essence is seen.

In the silence, the pause, the moment before waking

I am an illusion, an idea you once had.
a projection of your mind
seeking to judge me as good or bad.

I am the creator and the created.
All that I see
I condemn in you
What is denied in me

I am


'I work at The Corner House in Southwick, but have also suffered from depression myself. Writing has always been a therapeutic tool for me helping me sort out the tangle in my head. This poem was written as a response to a writing assignment: the question 'Who Am I?' I urge anyone to try and answer the question for themselves, it is a juicy subject for a poem!'