Chris Norris


I used to be well distressed in my clam shell.
Madam, Sir, don’t be too oriented to the stigma
It could shrink you too
What’s under the clouds?

There are mental people under the clouds
Under the clouds
Some are in order, some can’t look further than the border
Some can’t look after themselves, some are disposable,
it seems, sitting on benches and chairs
Under the clouds in curls
How can we help them?
God only knows

The answer for the moment seems to be pills
Recovery in spells, long term
Some are luckier and more hopeful
With a short stint in this grey area
of life’s upstairs muddle of twists and turns.

Go to Resource together for a cup of tea or dinner
Be active not static Sir
Talk Madam, and walk,
See the sights on the bus or bike
In the dark, see the lights, what excites!

Don’t you know what to do? Winding into your shell
Come on, unwind my friend, unwind
If I could do it, so can you
If I can do it so can you
My friend under the clouds.


Chris attends Resource in Reading and is both a writer and visual artist (see back cover).