Group Poem

I Believe

I believe that mental health day centres
should be converted into mental wealth filling stations.
Refill my tank, I'm ready to roam

I believe in information. The more information we have
the more we can decide about something, including believing in it.
If there is a hole in the road and you don't believe in it,
faith against facts may prove fatal.
Unless your cosy belief is that powerful

I believe that consensual sex is usually a good thing,
with or without relationships
in groups of two or any greater number

I believe that looks can be deceiving
And that mental health can be mind wealth

I believe that whatever happens it is possible
to love life more and more and more

I believe that there is a god and the devil. Pick one...

I believe that leaving time is upon us,
Thank you all for your openness and enlighteningness.
It's almost time to leave you,
it's nearly time to go,
If you've just come in and you're wondering
If the workshop's just beginning,
I'm afraid the answers no.


When Performance Poet John Hegley ran a workshop at Resource Centre in Reading he wrote these lines with John Hoggett, Philip Grimsdell, Chris Norris, Mark Barnes, Jules Lunness, George Chopping, Richard Candy and Victor Edwards.