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When I first met you, you opened doors for me.
Your eyes were warm and hypnotic.
Your confidence and intellect had me spellbound.
You bought me flowers
Took me out to smart restaurants
Kissed me oh so tenderly
And proposed.
You told me that I was your Princess
You'd love me forever and a day.
I gave you everything that was precious to me
My heart, my soul, my body.
You tenderly and lovingly placed a ring on my finger.
We partied.
We danced.
That dark night
In your drunken state you hit me.
Punched me.
Kicked me.
I tried to block your punches
But I wasn't strong enough.
I lay awake that first night
In despair.
What had I done?
What had you done?
In the morning you held me in your arms
Told me how much you loved me
Would protect me from harm.
You made love to me
You rocked me in your arms.
My body ached with despair.
Pain seared through my body at your touch.
I lay beside you too scared to say a word.
Numbed by fear.
No courage
No self-worth
Nothing of me remained.
I died that night.


He's Gone

Holy water
Drink it now
It will ease your pain
Don't ask me how

Kiss a buttercup
Ride a swan
One more morning
Then you'll be gone

Wish upon a star
Your vision so clear
Crystal hideaway
Your time is near

See the light descend
You're free to fly
Sail the ocean waves
No more tears to cry

Your soul has risen
At last you're home
I quietly weep for you
I'm all alone


'I live on Shoreham Beach and I love being so close to the sea. Here I have the best of both worlds; the surrounding countryside and the beautiful beach. I lived in Dagenham in Essex before this. What a contrast!
I have been a children's nanny for 35 years and couldn't really imagine doing anything else. I do love to sing though, and if there was money in singing and writing poetry and songs I would give up the day job and spend the rest of my life doing the thing I love most.'