Jonathan Myers

The World Cup in HD

It's the World Cup
got to get a new TV
Its got to be LCD
but what about LED
What's better
720HD Ready or 1080P
That supposed to be True HD
so we bought a 32inch LG
And a virgin box to broadcast in HD
But England Vs USA was on ITV
and the Picture was Sharp
high definition for all to see
and Gerard scored
and the crowd roared
and it really hurt
because all we saw was a car advert


This poem is about myself when I'm a bit or actually quite a lot Manic.

I wish I could be the other me

I wish I could be the other me
but he's not really in this reality
The other me is always happy
The other me loves unconditionally
The other me does not care for possessions and money
The other me is truly free
content in his own company
The other me speaks French fluently
performs Poetry amazingly
The other me is frankly crazy
Thinks he's Jesus
or even god of the galaxy
gives 2000 pounds
to two people
he's sure are Joseph and Mary
And all his gallivanting costs me dear
As when he's gone I reappear
Filled with depression anxiety and fear
Not to mention considerable debt
and yet
I do still love the other me


'This poem is inspired, if that's possible, by the World Cup and ITV's wonderful coverage.'