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Kerry Lower


If I look back with a sneaky smile
Will it last - only a while
If I cry a silent tear
Will anyone notice ...
I could have stopped all the pain
Instead I suffered mental strain
I should have listened to my heart
Should have stopped him from the start
Come rain or shine I wish I could go back
But nothing's left and now I walk a single lonely track

And shall I take you on a mystical tour
To show you the things that have hurt me before
So you can understand a whole lot more

Or shall I show you sunshine
A beach by the sea
Fun for him and me
Steak and chips
Munch for the kids
Amusement arcade
That makes the grade
A swimming pool
That's really cool
Then in the club
Or at the pub
Wondering what tomorrow will bring.


Hello Freedom

To find my freedom
I have been yearning
I need a course
In life and learning

To find who I am
I need to be free
I want another life
I want to be me

I don't want hatred
Those feelings have gone
For that I'm glad
And now I'll move on

To succeed and be happy
I have been yearning
I'll find my way
In life and learning.


Kerry has been writing for many years and contributed these lines when at George Williams Sheltered Housing in Portslade. The second poem she wrote and performed for the Brighton and Hove Adult Learning Festival in March 2010.