Moray Sanders

Brings to Life

I picked up the battered cardboard box
And lifted the broken lid,
The car boot salesman put down his tea
'It's yours for a couple of quid'.
I looked at the jumble inside it
Bits of wood and knotted up string,
Torn up scraps of faded material,
Not much of anything.
I put the box down on the table
Trying to hide my delight.
'It's ok, I was only just looking
I'll leave it if that's alright.'
'No worries! There's no harm in that love,
But I don't want it hanging around
And since it's now getting close on to closing
You can have it, just give us a pound.'
At that price I didn't argue.
All my life I've longed for the chance
To have my own Pelham Puppet
And make the little doll dance.


My Sensational Shoes

Let me show you these shoes of mine!
Don't you think they're simply divine?
From the stiletto heel to the little peep toes
The colour, the sequins the tidy red bows.

I suppose you could call them an impulse buy
Yes - definitely that because I don't know why
I bought them - but of course I do
I've never seen a lovelier shoe.

I'd gone into Brighton to buy a book,
Somehow I found myself in 'New Look'!
And (ah) there they were this outrageous pair
Saying 'Buy me! Buy me if you dare!'

I thought 'I can't have them why would I need
Such sensational footwear? - This is pure greed.
But I knew in that moment I'd always regret
Those wonderful shoes I didn't quite get.

I decided 'I'll try them to see if they fit.'
I did and they did and - well - that was it!
I felt like a model, a showgirl, a tart.
Well, that's good for something - it's good for a start.

We've now been together for over three years
We've 'weddinged' and partied and sunk a few beers.
We've stayed up till dawn cos we danced through the night
Never a blister - never too tight.

So here they are with me the shoes I love best
But sadly, in public, I lay them to rest.
Because -You've no idea how annoying it feels
When someone shouts 'Oi! Dorothy! Click your heels'

But when 'Over the Rainbow' has finished it's run
I'll dust off these sequins and get back to fun!
Ladies and gentlemen, they come in twos
I present to you my sensational shoes.


'I'd like to share two poems with you. You may notice they both have a vague shopping theme.'