Introduction Facts and People Interview with Minister Writing

Sophie aged 18


Key Mechanism and Key

I was adopted when I was 2. So being kicked out was a big shock. It was last December and I was 18. My adoptive parents were sending me to the council and that. I was in denial that they were going to kick me out. I used to think, they’re just saying if anything bad happens we’ll kick you out. But then they just did. I went home one night and the black bags were at the door. They locked themselves in the bathroom so we couldn’t say goodbye, just in case anything might change at that moment.


I had already visited the Foyer and been for an interview which my parents had arranged. I left home and walked through the snow with my bags. I haven’t seen them since. I’ve written about 15 letters, I got a little note back. It said ‘We’re all well and glad you’ve settled into your new routine. Love Mum, Dad and Ian.’


Thoughts of your family stay with you. But I have good support at the Foyer and from my teachers. I’m staying here now. I wouldn’t go back. They’ve cut me out and I’ll do the same to them now. I’m doing my exams at the moment and I’m off to uni in September if I get the grades. I want to go to Brunel to do English and Creative Writing, and I need a B and two Cs. That will lead me on to teaching and being an author, two things I’ve always wanted to do.


This poem is called ‘Leaves’.

Family trees grow

But they never seem to show

The ones the wind blows