Introduction Facts and People Interview with Minister Writing

Keiran aged 14


Sea Cadet Cap and Badge

I go to Sea Cadets in Newbury. I’ve just done Seamanship Class 3, where you learn to tie knots, and all about the olden day bolt and tackle. I want to join the Navy. I went to a navy day in Portsmouth and that made me want to join it even more. I’d like the adventure of going out and seeing different parts of the world, to different British territories.


I have never been to sea. I had the chance to go with my dad, but it was a fishing trip out at night and cause it was at night I wasn’t allowed to go for health and safety reasons. There could have been bad weather. I was disappointed I couldn’t go. I really don’t know if I’ll get seasick or not. I’ll just have to deal with it though. Just get used to it.


I love fishing. It’s a test of patience. I have low patience, but when it comes to fishing I have surprisingly high patience. I went with my best friend George once. We went cray fishing. That was good fun, using nets. But it was fresh water. The sea does intrigue me.