Introduction Facts and People Interview with Minister Writing

Louisa aged 15



One important thing for me is my goldfish. I look after them. They swim round in circles, they’re so mad. I clear the tank out every few weeks and I feed them every morning and night. They’re quite massive now. The tank’s about 3 feet long.


When I grow up I’d like to work in the countryside. A lot of things are in my Life Story Book. This is a book where you can show pictures of when you were growing up as a foster kid. So you can remember. I’ve got lots of pictures, but I haven’t finished it yet! There’s a picture of when I was little. It was scary when I came into care because I didn’t want to leave my mum and dad. But they didn’t really know how to look after me. That’s how I came into care. My mum and dad couldn’t do my creams and my puffers because it was difficult. I’ve got a picture of my foster parents. On my first placement I kept escaping. That didn’t work out and that’s how I came to where I am now, with the fish! It’s really good now.