Introduction Facts and People Interview with Minister Writing

Reece aged 16


Still Life, Fruit Bowl

I’m 16 and I’m from Reading. My first memory of care was when I was about 4 years old. I went to my nan and granddad’s, but then my nan passed away. I was back with my mum until a couple of years ago when she went to prison. Me and my 4 brothers got split up. That was pretty hard. I’m the oldest. I went into foster care for 6 – 7 months. Then I was in the YMCA but that went pear shaped and now I’m living in a guesthouse and I’m trying to get a flat. Living on your own is quite hard. You have to learn to do things for yourself. You have to learn how to cook, clean and look after yourself. I’ve made mistakes, but the next time I’ve put it right. My girlfriend helps to look after me. And my mates look after me if I have trouble.


I have breakfast and lunch at Cranbury College. And I’ve just done my GCSE art. I thought I couldn’t do art at first. But now I’m quite proud cause I never knew I could draw that good. When I did this picture I went round school showing it to people. Things stand out on the picture. It looks realistic. The GCSE has gone quite well. Spending two days in school was quite boring. I just wondered if I would get through it. But I did and I might do more on my timetable now.