Introduction With Thanks To The Writing

With thanks to:

All the writers who have taken part; Gerry Thompson, Ben Bishop and Gavin Lombos for co-running workshops; poets John Hegley and Tim Turnbull for special workshops; Mike Morris, Kay Petherick and Clare Delamere for supporting the project at Reading YOI; Sue Sherrard at Reading Youth Offending Service; Suzi Liew at Cranbury College Pupil Referral Unit; Sue O’Hara, Sheila Perry and Kerri-Ann Billington at Reading St Leonards Approved Premise; Judy Munday at Thames Valley Partnership for funding support, Duncan McLarty at Radio Berkshire for co-running the project and Arts Council / BBC’s ‘Made in England’ scheme which enabled the project to take place.

© Company Paradiso 2009 for the authors. No part of this collection may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission in writing from Company Paradiso, except for reviews or use in education.


Gary attended the creative writing workshops as part of the Hearing Voices group and also helped to organise the sessions. ‘This poem reminds me of happier times, when I was young.’