Introduction With Thanks To The Writing

Peter A

The Day I Got Stuck

He comes and he goes and he comes and he goes and he don’t come
Mum is he going to stay maybe he just might
Next thing you know he’s on the next flight
Half here, half there
No time to spare
He’s living in the fast lane
I’m on my bike he’s on a train
I hear he’s on his way back
Coming in from the end of the track
Then he goes
4 long years
I’ve got nothing to say to that.

I got myself in a great big mess
You couldn’t expect more or less
From a low class citizen like me
Got stuck in traffic
Took the short cut
I chose that path
And had my laugh
Then came the day
They put me in a dark place to stay
And I think of him
He came and he went and he came and he went and he didn’t come.


Peter said this lyrical first line during a group conversation about dads, in class. He then made it into a poem, combining some new lines, in the first part, and some existing ones, in the second part.