Introduction With Thanks To The Writing

Jamal A

Inauguration Day, 20th Jan 2009

All my life I’ve seen Bush’s murder and poverty on the news
It has all left me empty and mentally bruised
You think I’m obsessing try to live in Muslim shoes
Now will there be a change - you choose

Mr Obama, are we still heading towards failure and doom
Or will we see a better day, and whom
Will make a change, for those who may be dead soon,
Still stuck in cages in the same room.

My Brother keeps my head up with his weekly letter
I’ll send him these lines about a change for the better
And I’ll pray to God every day and will he listen?
I wonder if he does, will I still be in prison

I can’t be the only one who sees another mother cry
And can’t get this film out of my eyes
Go to a Third World place – we’ll make a change if we try
I put my hope in a New President, I can’t deny.


Simon wrote these as rap lines, but because of the nature of the project, we asked him if he could convert them to ballad lines. Our guide was: if you can sing it to the tune of ’The Yellow Rose of Texas’, then it’s a ballad. Then later it can be spoken or sung to an appropriate tune.