Introduction With Thanks To The Writing

John Hegley


Cast outside
and cast asunder
make another social blunder
the cards you’re dealt, it doesn’t always help
go straight to jail and don’t pass out
the prison is for risen aspiration
social integration
isn’t it?


Partners in Rhyme

I said to the lads in the jail
Your poems put wind in my sail
You could make it your job
We don’t want to rob
All the world of the chance to dance in the thrill of your gale
These lads sometimes need to be told
How their poems are pieces of gold
With a bit of our aid we can sharpen the shade
Of the blistering history they hold
It helps none of us if we should fail.



John wrote these first lines at an early stage in the project, then wrote ‘Partners in Rhyme’ hot off the press just before we went on air on BBC Radio Berkshire on 23rd April 2009.

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