Introduction With Thanks To The Writing

Poetry Class poem for Florin T

Three Stars

I send to you my true feelings
That I indeed love you
I think about you and my little Girls
I want you still to love me too

Now I’m cold and far away
Nothing in my life seems right
I look at the dark through the bars
I look to the east in the night

I’m sorry I ended up here
But I’ll be back with you all one day
If I had you here right now
I’d have a million things to say

You are my hope and my heart
You care for my soul in the night
When I see you together at home
It is warm and shining bright

My soul goes through the bars
And back to you I fly
I follow three shining stars
Rising high up in the sky.


The cover illustration is donated by Florin. In return he asked the poetry class to write this love poem for his Wife and Family in Romania.

It is common for prisoners to ask others to write for them if they can’t do it themselves. Here Shaun describes how he also wrote for other inmates when he was in prison:

‘When you’re inside you get guys who come up to you, if they know you write poetry, who ask you “it’s my Girlfriend’s birthday, can you write me a poem”. And they will actually pay you for it – so hey, you get like a half ounce of tobacco for a poem.’