Introduction With Thanks To The Writing


Rest In Paradise Junior

You were our soldier, Junior, you were our life,
Now you are gone, nothing seems right,
And sitting here writing these bars,
I look at the blue sky and wonder where you are.

I think of you both day and night
As the stars are shining bright
We will never leave you behind,
You will never leave our minds.

Why did people hurt you that way,
You didn’t deserve to die that day.
Now you are my shining diamond,
Floating high up in the sky.


This poem is by Emily, age 14, who is one of a number of young people in the project who also knew Junior and have been affected by his stabbing last year. We worked with her at Cranbury College Pupil Referral Unit (for young people excluded from school). She had not been involved in crime at all, but was part of the circles of young people we were meeting.