Introduction With Thanks To The Writing

Deen A

On the Run

He is critically injured
The pain is unbearing
He carries on running
This escape will be daring

His Sons are watching
He is urged on by this sight
He will keep on going
Through the whole night

Balls of steel
Legs going strong
But one slip up
And it could all go wrong

Prayers to God
That he will make it
His life is at stake
Head-hunters will take it

He needs to get away
Blood still pouring
It’s a jungle out there
With lions roaring

Snakes, lizards, predators
Poisonous insects lurking
But he carries on somehow
His legs continue working

Will he leave his Sons fatherless
Or will he survive
They are closing in
Will he make it out alive


He’s running out of breath
He stops for a break
Mouth’s dry like a desert
Where is the lake

The men now have sight of him
That’s his kick start
He’ll never quit
He’s got too much heart

He turns to face them
His adrenalin’s pumping
But he’s knocked over
And he goes down thumping

His head is throbbing
And he’s still going
His wounds are deep
Raw flesh showing

“He’s fallen, let’s kill him”
His life is on the line
“Let me go first”
“His arse is mine”

He somehow rose
And miraculously progressed
The pain he was feeling
Could not be expressed

He thinks of quitting
But he thinks of his Sons
He looks behind him
And sees their guns

He spots the water
And hops in the lake
Lucky alligator
Eats human steak

But his Sons were watching
And no matter where he’d bin
He’d always keep on going
He’d never give in.


Deen also responded to the challenge of writing in the ballad form. This poem was a favourite with the writing group. Every week we would read it out, in its different forms as it developed, and we all gave our opinions on how it should end.