Introduction With Thanks To The Writing

Callum, Liam


Ragin it about
Nickin cars, crashin em out
Window seal, pull and peel
Comin off, flip the lid
Hangin in you hit the switch
Flip the motor body twitch
Watch your back the cops around
Exhausts are glowing
Tail pipes blowin
Rip it bang it
Roar it prang it
Lights splash cameras flash
Coppers racin got to dash
Tyres burstin
Spikes and cursin
Blowin up and blowin down
Saab up a tree and
The cops around


These lines were written by Kallum and Liam at Cranbury College. I asked Liam about the inspiration for the poem and he said it was as much video games as real experience. Here he describes how he feels about poetry:

‘I’d never done poetry before. It’s not my kind of thing. My mates would probably laugh but I don’t mind. It was quite fun doing it. They’d probably say it was crap and that, just to annoy me.

‘ It’s a poem about what people do, like when they nick cars and that. I don’t do it. I don’t like it.’