Introduction With Thanks To The Writing

Andy B

Charlie Finn (the unknown soldier)

In the darkest hours
Of the loneliest nights
I see the world burst up
And fight upon a field of low yield.

God knows, hell knows
I see clubs of the street rise to their feet
As blood flows
Remember Charlie Finn
The soldier nobody knows.

Like warriors of old
Youth still fight
How little we have learnt
Over centuries of war.
As one goes out
One comes in
And shrieks of Charlie Finn
Wring out across a world of sin.

Oh young Charlie Finn
Do not despair
Let man into those bloodshot eyes
See behind those gunshot eyes
See what goes on
Sin in the night, let man in
And you will fall on a field of better yield.


Andy was only able to attend two classes at Reading Jail before he was transferred. This is common – the average stay in Reading Prison is only 6 weeks. He sent through the lines for ‘Charlie Finn’ by letter.

This poem and the next by Andy use references that seem to come from psalms and hymns. This ‘timeless’ feel, and his theme of when it is right to fight, suggested both could be suitable for song. ‘Charlie Finn’ was sung by James Ewers from the Reading band My Luminaries on Radio Berkshire in April 2009.