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"We enable people to tell their stories"

Company Associate: John Hegley


We are a charity, no. 1130701, that listens to disadvantaged people and provides opportunities for them to create poetry, story, comedy and radio.

This Autumn our creative writing and performance programme is building to another performance at the Dome Studio Theatre, for the Brighton Comedy Festival, see below. At the same time we are collaborating with BBC Radio Sussex on a project investigating conversations between generations. As children's lives become more and more different from their grandparents', we try to find common ground and come up with practical advice for communication between younger and older people. Broadcasts will be October 20th - 24th 2014. And John Hegley is leading 'Creative Delights for Young and Oldish' workshops in the Shoreham Wordfest on Saturday 11th October, Fishersgate in the morning, Shoreham in the afternoon


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Warning: May Contain Nuts!

You can order a copy of 'Warning: May Contain Nuts!' the Book by visiting our 'Shop' section. From there you can also purchase a copy of our DVD which features the performances from this years production which was held at The Dome Studio, Brighton on Wednesday 10th October 2012 as part of World Mental Health Day.

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Mad Girl


Fifteen year old Rose hears voices. Mostly she gets along with them ok, but when her real Dad turns up out of the blue to take her away for the weekend, things get completely out of control. This radio 4 drama is created by Company Paradiso and Phil Gladwin, written by Phil Gladwin and directed by Mary Peate. It has sprung out of a project that listened to people with mental health issues, and in this case people who hear voices.

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